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Subject: Family Debt Part 21HomeAfter he had shot his load up Claire's arse, petition man
couldn't get it up again. Bored with him, Kay signed his
petition and had the other women do the same before
sending him on his way and turning off the webcam. Then
she sent Calire, still naked and petition man's cum
dripping down her leg from her arsehole, into the kitchen
to make them some lunch."How about a dinner party tonight?" she asked Samantha as
she settled back down on the settee. "To welcome our new
friends into the group."Samantha gave an anticipatory, almost predatory, grin.
"Sounds delicious," she said. "My place/""Yes," Kay replied. "Get them off their own territory.
I'll leave the inviting to you. You know who amongst our
circle knows them, and it's so much better when it's
people they already know.""It is, isn't it?""Can I come as well?" Dawn asked.Kay looked over at her and smiled, "Of course you can, my
sweet," she said. She glanced hot preteen model lolly down at where the girl's
legs were still splayed open. "How could I ever refuse a
pretty little cunt like that?"Claire returned with sandwiches and laid them before the
other women."You and your useless wimp daddy s girls lolita of a husband are coming to a
dinner party at my place tonight, bitch," Samantha told
her. "Make sure you wear something nice."Claire thought of her best dress, now in tatters across
the living room floor. "Yes, Mistress Samantha," she said
meekly."Turn round and bend over," Samantha told her sister.
"And spread."Claire turned round and bent over, reaching back to pull
her arse cheeks apart."You are such a slut, bitch," Samantha said, peering at
her puckered hole. "You have a stranger's cum dripping
from your arsehole."She took one of the ham sandwiches and broke off a bit.
She pushed it into Claire's arsehole, packing it in with
her fingers. Then another and another until no more would
fit."That should soak it up nicely," she said. "You can eat
it later after we've finished our lunch."There was one piece still left over. Samantha shoved it
into Claire's cunt and then wiped her greasy fingers
clean on her sisters arse cheek."Now go and stand by the wall while we eat, bitch."With difficulty, more of a waddle than a walk, Claire
complied. She stood watching her sister, daughter and Kay
eat their lunch with barely a glance her way as they
chatted about this and that.ParkThe lavatories seemed deserted when Tom returned with
Slutfucker and Bigdong, but the voice, coming from the
one cubicle with the door pushed to, told a different
story. Tom recognised it instantly as his son-in-law,
John's. He whispered to the other two who it was, and
the three of them went to stand silently outside the door
listening."Thought you were a real big man the other night, didn't
you?" they heard him say. "Fucking my face and fingering
your mother's cunt. Not so big now, are you? With my cock
slamming into your hot little mouth. Feel it slide over
your lips, taste it on your tongue, you cock-sucking
little pansy. I'm going to fill your mouth with my cum,
slut-boy."Slutfucker gave the unbo0lted door a push and it swung
open, revealing John with his back to them and his
trousers around his ankles. His buttocks clenched as he
filled his son's throat with his cum."That's not what I'd call good parenting," Slutfucker
said.Startled, John turned suddenly. His still dripping cock
dropped from Chris' mouth and began to deflate. Chris sat
there on the toilet, his hard cock sticking out of the
top of the panties and cum dribbling down his chin, and
he smiled."I was hoping you would come back," he said."I knew you were, slut," Slutfucker replied. "Taking
Daddy's cock to pass the time while you waited?"Chris licked cum from his lip and looked up at his
father. "He's alright," he said. "But he doesn't know how
to really treat me like you do.""Nobody treats a slut as good as I treat a slut, boy.""No, Sir."Slutfucker looked at John. "So we finally meet," he said.
"Your father-in-law tells me your real name is John Ames.
He also tells me I'm going to get the chance to fuck your
wife, and maybe your daughter too. I'll let you watch if
you're a good boy, and clean out their holes afterwards.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?"John nodded, his gaze darting between the three men.Slutfucker shook his head sadly. "But first you need to
learn some manners." he said. "Lay down over your son's
knees."Hesitantly John got face down on to Chris' thighs, his
hands flat on the filthy floor to steady himself. He was
acutely aware of how his bare arse was sticking up and
how ridiculous he must look, and just loli 17 year teens
as aware of Chris'
hard cock pushing into his side. He felt himself starting
to get hard again."He obviously likes it," he heard Tom say.He felt a hand grab his cock, he guessed Slutfucker's,
and squeeze it before letting go."He loves it," Slutfucker said. "Boy, give your Daddy's
arse a good spanking for us. So he learns how sissy
little cock-suckers like you and him should address a
real man.""Yes, Sir."His first two slaps, on one each cheek, were tentative
and light. But then, with encouragement from his
grandfather and the other two men, he began to put some
energy underage lolita ls banner into it. His hand came down several time on his
Dad's arse cheeks before Slutfucker told him that was
enough."Now kiss them better, boy," Slutfucker said, "So there's
no hard feelings."John had made not a sound while he was being punished,
but as Chris bent over to plant a kiss on the each of the
two reddened areas he had himself made he gave a little
sigh."Have you learned anything, slut?" Slutfucker asked John."Yes, Sir," John answered without hesitation."Good. Get teen lolita models gallery up now, slut, and get yourself properly
dressed."Painfully, John eased himself off Chris' legs. He pulled
up his trousers and did them up, and tucked his short
into the waistband. Chris went to his t-shirt and jeans
and pulled them on."Your clothes still smell of our piss, boy?" Slutfucker
asked."Yes, Sir," Chris answered. "But they are dry now."Slutfucker nodded, and looked at John. "Not fair on tgp lolitas pictures virgins your
boy if he's the only one smelling of piss, is it, slut?"
he said.He pulled out his cock and pointed it at John's left
shoe. Staring a stream of piss, he directed it up one leg
of John's trousers, up over the chest of his shirt, and
then down the other trouser leg. John stood there,
feeling the hot dampness seeping through his clothes to
his skin. He caught Tom's eye momentarily, and quickly
looked away."Now clean it," Slutfucker said.John got down on his knees and took the limp heavy cock
in his hand. He licked around the head and then across
the tip before pulling back the foreskin to clean
beneath, tasting the beery piss on his tongue and lips."Good enough," Slutfucker said. "Come on, now."He led them all out of the lavatories and then across the
park to the far end. John knew he was heading, a
notorious gay cruising area in a secluded part of the
park. He had always yearned to go there, but had never
had the courage. No way could he have foreseen that
eventually he would, with his son at his side and under
these circumstances.They reached a screen of bushes and trees that shielded
the area, and Slutfucker stopped to let them catch up
with him. Then he took John aside and spoke to him for a
few minutes before rejoining the others. Showing them to
a gap in the bushes, he led them all inside to a large
clearing amongst the trees. There were already five men
there, two pairs indulging in oral sex and the fifth man
wanking as he lola s little models watched. All five looked round a little
fearfully as the new group arrived, police raids not
being unknown here."You two get your clothes off," Slutfucker told John and
Chris before turning to the men."I've got a little free treat for you, gentlemen." he
said as their eyes followed the two quickly disrobing.When the two of them were both stark naked, Slutfucker
ordered them to kneel in the middle of the clearing back
to back. Then he gave John a quick nod.John coughed to clear his throat. "My son and I are cock-
sucking whores," he said, stammering a little in his
nervousness. "We crave cock, need cock. Use us as
fuckmeat. Fuck our mouths, rape our mouths. Fuck us like
the useless cunts we are. Fill our mouths and throats
with your cum.""Did you tell him to say that?" Tom whispered to
Slutfucker."I told him to say something," the other man said back.
"The details are all his own work."The five men were looking on with some amazement."These two whores are yours to use, gentlemen,"
Slutfucker told them. "Fill your boots."Slowly but surely, the five men came forward. The one who
had been wanking was the first to reach them, his cock
still sticking out of his trousers. He took hold of
John's hair and then slapped him across the face lolita nune nude models with his
cock before thrusting it into his open mouth.Home - Claire's View.The three of them seemed top have practically forgotten
me as I stood there in the corner naked and watching them
eat their sandwiches, and I wasn't sorry. It gave me
space to think, with the only distraction the strong
feeling of wanting to go to the toilet that the pieces of
sandwich that my sister had pushed up my bum were
causing. Then, in my mind, I corrected myself. Not my
bum, my arsehole. And the last bit wasn't in my pussy,
but my cunt. The words sent delicious little thrills
through my body, dirty and forbidden.They had called me slut and bitch and whore, and that was
what I was beginning to feel like. And I liked it. To my
total amazement, I liked it. Loved it, or even needed it.
My body had never felt so alive, and my one true regret
that was that I has wasted so many years being miss prim
and proper. And thinking that everybody else was the
same. My father, my sister, my husband and even my
children. They had all revealed such a passion for the
darker side these past few days. A passion that was now
growing in me also. I had just had my arse fucked by a
stranger, while I licked out my daughter's cunt and while
hundreds of other strangers watched on the internet. And
still I wanted more. Much more.I became aware of Samantha looking at me intently."You're looking very thoughtful, bitch," she said."Yes, Mistress Samantha," I replied."What are you thinking about, bitch?" she asked. "What a
dirty and depraved little slut you are?""Yes, Mistress Samantha."She looked startled, and then got up to come over and
face me. "You mean it, don't you?" she said.I nodded. "Mistress Samantha, may I speak to you as my
sister for a moment?" I asked."You may."I swallowed, and tried a smile that didn't quite work.
"Samantha," I said. "I know you didn't do all this for
me, that the last thing you intended was to make me
happy. But still I want to thank you for it. You've
opened my eyes to a life I had never dreamed existed, and
would have been disgusted at if I had. I'm yours to use
as you desire, Samantha, and it's a journey that scares
me but which I know I want to take."She looked at me expressionlessly for a moment, and then
a grin spread across her face. "Claire," she said. "I
can't pretend it was the intention, no. The intention was
for me to have a lot of fun at your expense. But I can
tell you that I have never loved you as much as I do
right now."She took my head in her hand and pulled me towards her,
her lips closing over mine. I felt her tongue push into
my mouth, the way a man kisses a woman, and after a brief
hesitation I began to kiss her back. It was a kiss of
such passion as I had never once shared with John, and
once again it made me think of what had been wasted. What
fun the two of us could have had when we were girls had I
but known. When she let me go, it was all I could do to
keep my feet. My mind was swirling and my body felt like
it was made of water."I will use free nude lolitas young you, Claire," underage lolita ls banner she said. "Use you and abuse
you, humiliate you and degrade you. I'm going to grind
your face in muck and depravity, and I'm going to love
every minute of it." She smiled. "And so are you."She turned to Dawn. "Kay and I need to be off to organise
the dinner party," she said. "Get the bitch there by
seven at the latest. Make sure she looks good."
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